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How Each Member of the Zodiac Loves, and How to Love Them Back Understanding how you and your partner communicate can play a huge role in making the relationship successful.
Find out if you and your love interest or partner are soul mates, best friends, or a recipe for disaster. But no fear - even opposites can attract. Find out how you fare now.
Understanding the unique love languages you and your partner both communicate with can play a huge role in making the relationship successful, giving you insight on how each person strives to make the other happy and what they personally need in return. Below, you will find a rundown of how each sign loves, and how to love them back.
Aries are one of the most adventurous signs in the bunch, always looking for their next thrill to satisfy a deep craving for newness and excitement. These sentiments oftentimes cross over into their relationships as this celestial firecracker constantly looks for ways to liven up the dynamic and keep things fresh. An Aries in love will go out of their way to plan fun surprises for their partner, oftentimes with a sentimental twist. While this passionate member of the zodiac is sometimes known for having a short fuse, their anger will dissipate quickly, and they will move on without holding a grudge.

对于缘分这种事情,相信每个人心中都会期待,有那么一个人可以走进自己的心里,满足自己所有的幻想。 但感情这种事情,真的不好说,有时候你想要的并不能如你所愿,反而是冥冥之中自会有安排。 当你经历过一些事情,就会明白缘分这种东西,强求不了,也躲不掉,该是你的就会是你的,别人抢不走,不是你的也强求不来。 以前可能我不是很相信缘分这种事情,但经历了几段感情之后,才愈发的明白,你会遇见谁,跟谁在一起,最后嫁给谁,这早就已经注定的,其实就是从遇见你开始。

综合运势 今年水瓶座的小伙伴们的感情运势略显下滑,很容易让自己处在被动的局面。水瓶座容易沉浸在自己的美好幻想中无法自拔,也会渐渐失去感情中的主动权,所以水瓶座需要让自己在感情中也会变得更积极主动,这样也能够给自身在恋情上带来更多的机会。只有学会化被动为主动,水瓶座的小伙伴们才能够在感情中完美翻身。 女生 恋爱中的水瓶座女生,这一年和伴侣之间的沟通会是比较顺利的,两个人可能会谈及一些未来发展以及钱财管理方面的事宜,对彼此会更加坚定,未来发展也会有更加明确的计划,部分见过家长的水瓶女,可能会有商议定亲的可能。单身的水瓶座女生,这一年在感情中会比较容易被谎言蒙蔽出现被骗的情况,不排除会在不知情陷入他人的关系中,导致自己内在复杂,建议在感情中多带眼识人,避免投入到错误的感情当中。 男生 恋爱中的水瓶座男生,这一年在感情中的状态会略差一些,和伴侣相处起来很容易带给对方一种压抑的感觉,导致两个人的沟通以及相处过程不是很顺利,部分伴侣之间可能会即将面临异地恋,从而导致心情较为低落。单身的水瓶座男生,这一年桃花运势较佳,可能会有喜欢的桃花类型来追求自己,同时有机会和有好感或是暗恋的异性接触。

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friendship, a state of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between two people. In all cultures, friendships are important relationships
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